Algonquin First Nation - Internet Project

Created by Wayne Campbell

Hila, the Algonquins of Golden Lake and the Renfrew County RC Separate School Board have created a partnership to develop First Nation language resources for the Internet.

This page features Algonquin words, spoken by students at St. James School, Eganville, Ontario, Canada.

This resource was created with the assistance and guidance of Algonquin language instructors Ms. Suzanne Polson, Mr. Gene Cada and Carol Bob. Thanks also to Native Counsellor Mike Porte and classroom assistant Valerie Smith.

To use this resource your computer must have sound capability and your web browser must have a wav player configured.

Make a selection and hear some of the first words spoken in North America.

KWE-KWE (Hello) , spoken by Michelle

Recordings uploaded March 15, 2001
These sound files are in MP3 format.



My Body

(Original WAV recordings)

Algonquin Family

Algonquin Animals

Algonquin Forests

Algonquin Weather

Algonquin Sky

Algonquin Numbers

Recording and page editing by Wayne Campbell


This Project is supported by the Ontario Ministry of Education through TIPPS-2.