Hila Sundial Hour Line Calculator

Created with VBscript by Wayne Campbell

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This calculator displays sundial hour line angles for any latitude.

The angle of the gnomon is the same as the location's latitude.

Angles are measured from the base line (6 - 6)

This diagram shows line layout only.

It is not accurate for any latitude.

The gnomon angle is the same as location's latitude.


         Enter Latitude  - 


     Hour Line    Angle (degrees)

     6AM & 6PM
     7AM & 5PM
     8AM & 4PM
    9AM & 3PM =  
   10AM & 2PM
   11AM & 1PM

     Enter longitude as decimal number.

     6AM and 6PM lines always "0" degrees.

     For latitudes south, invert hours on dial.

Link to calculator only - best page to print from.

Constructing a paper or card Sundial

Construct a sundial from heavy card.

The sundial can be of any size, the angles are important.

Below is an image of a  sample sundial, it is designed for latitude 45 degrees.

The base for this one is 14 cm X 25 cm.

The gnomon is angled at 45 degrees and is glued to stand vertically.

To create your own sundial use the hour line angle calculator at the top.

Print out the results, draw the angles on a card, similar to the image above.

Cut a gnomon at the same angle as your latitude then tape it standing on the 12 Noon line.

Find a place in the sun, point the gnomon north and you have a working sundial.

A permanent sundial can be constructed from wood or other durable materials.

An Oval Sundial

Oval Sundial

A sundials face can be any shape.  The hour lines must be accurately drawn.

Click here for a PDF file of the above oval sundial.
Oval Sundial PDF

Print the dial and glue it to cardboard.
This sundial is designed for latitudes close to 45 degrees N.

The gnomon for this sundial has a base length of 10 cm
The angle is 45 degrees.
Glue the gnomon to the 12 hour line.

Link to the Hila Binary Sundial