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Projects on this page have been developed and tested at Hila Science Camp.

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Electronics, Introduction
Electronics Kit (General Level 2)
Electronics Kit (General Level 4)
555 2-Tone Alarm
Electronics, Resistors
Electronics Project, LED Flasher
Electronics Project, Binary Counter
Binary to Decimal Decoder
Electronic Bagpipes
Wireless Transmitter
Binary Number Project



A Lemon Battery
Vinegar Battery
Electromagnet, Basic Speaker, Electric Motor
Build a Speaker






Solar Energy, Build a Solar Reflector
Simple Traffic Light
Paper Airplane
Build a Kite
Build a Dome
Inclinometer - measure trees
Classroom Project - Inclinometer
A Humane Mouse Trap
Simple Event Detector
Windmill (Construction Images)


Science Projects

Speed of Sound
An Electronic Rain Gauge
Basic Wind Direction Indicator
Extract DNA
Tremor Detector (Seismometer)









Astronomy, Star Finder
Researching Variable Stars
A Cereal Box Eclipse Viewer
Measure diameter of sun
Pinhole Camera
Advanced Pinhole Camera
Mayan Mystery
Sundial Hour Line Calculator







Computer Programming/Engineering

Visual Basic
Simple Joystick
GIF Animation Tutorial
Qbasic, part 1
Qbasic, graphics
Computer Engineering, part 1
Computer Engineering, part 2
Computer Engineering, part 3
Computer Engineering, part 4
Computer Engineering, part 5
Computer Engineering, part 6
Computer Engineering, part 7
Visual Basic Joystick Control
Digital Weigh Scale
Monitor Output Interface
Robotics, Servo Motors
Qbasic Information (text files)

These projects were created at the Hila Research Center
RR #2, Pembroke, Ontario, Canada

email: hila@hilaroad.com

Important, Read This:

These project information pages are designed to support science and technology workshops given by the Hila Research Center at Hila Science Camp, Turnbull School and schools of the Renfrew County C.D.S.B. While reasonable care has been taken with respect to the accuracy of the information contained here, we assume no responsibility for errors, omissions or liability for any damage resulting from use of this information.